Vice chair of Trump’s voter fraud commission wants to change federal law to add new requirements for voting, email shows

I know this might seem like a good idea, but it’s not, at least if you value freedom of the sort that we have in the USA. Here’s why: Having proof of citizenship is not, generally speaking, a requirement of citizenship in the United States. That is, to say, you don’t have to have or carry ID, unless you are doing something like driving, because it’s a free country. Voting is a basic right of citizenship (unlike driving). Requiring ID for voting would be a change to the freedom to not have identification; it would be a fundamental change in the values of the USA.

IMO, that’s enough reason to resist such changes, but there is also a mountain of evidence dating back to the end of the civil war that places it beyond dispute that ID requirements are voter suppression, and that such voter suppression affects non-whites and poor people disproportionately. So voter ID laws are also racist. Simultaneously, there is no evidence that voter fraud is a real problem, so voter ID laws are unnecessary to counter voter fraud.

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