Scott Pruitt, longtime adversary of EPA, confirmed to lead the agency.

Here’s a fact you might not know if you don’t pay a lot of attention to Oklahoma: Oklahoma has earthquakes. Oklahoma has a *ton* of Earthquakes. If you go to the state’s Earthquake FAQ, you will learn that it is a myth that OK is the state with the *most* earthquakes. Alaska has “many more.” Never mind that Alaska is huge and part of an area so geologically active that it is famously called the Rim of Fire.

I grew up in California. We had to learn about earthquakes in school, and one thing we learned was that the middle of the country was remarkably geologically stable, bar the once in a thousand years giant quakes that makes the Mississippi run backwards. So it was a great surprise to me when a friend of mine moved to Oklahoma and started complaining about all the quakes.

The interesting thing about these earthquakes is that they are man made. The consensus seems to be that they are caused by wastewater injection wells which are a byproduct of the oil industry. If you live in Oklahoma, you have daily direct evidence for why an environmental protection agency might be needed, because your state has an ongoing huge environmental problem. It would not surprise me if future environmental activists come from places like Oklahoma.

Scott Pruitt was the Attorney General of OK. The earthquake problem wasn’t his direct area of responsibility, but he was certainly in a position to do *something* about it. Instead, he did nothing. Which is a bit insane. Also, he’s in bed with big oil, is a climate change denier, and seems to be actively pro-pollution. He is the opposite of a good candidate to head the EPA.

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