Donald Trump’s combative, grievance-filled press conference, annotated

I’d suggest reading the whole thing, because even a gloss is long: Alex Acosta is the new Labor Secretary, press is bad, judges make bad decisions, fake news, new Muslim ban next week, new other stuff next week, stock market up, businesses like trump, ISIS is bad, “violent crime… inner cities.” [“Inner cities,” btw, is a dog whistle for POC and African Americans specifically (see also “urban”). Making sure to associate them with violence is a dirty evil tactic that has gone on for far too fucking long.] Drugs are bad, mmkay! fake news, His polls are up, if you only look at the biased polls, the press is lying about Russia [they aren’t lying about Russia], fake news, leaks are bad, fake news, fake news, fake news, FAKE NEWS!

“Fake news” is the new “spam”.

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