Initially, I worried that it would be difficult to come up with things to post to this blog. What if Trump had decided to just go golfing all the time, instead of being president? It turns out that I need not have worried. In the first two weeks there have been enough awful things to keep me going for months.

On a related note, in the run up to the inauguration, my Facebook feed was filled with conspiracy theories and speculation about Trump, and I worried that it might be a problem once he became president. It turns out that there is so much real awfulness going on that my friends, at least, have abandoned conspiracy theories in favor of the far more terrifying real life shit that is going down daily.

Anyway. What is the thing today? Lucky 13. Hmm. I could link to Bannon and the coming war with China, but while he actually said he thought a war was coming, he didn’t say he wanted it to. There have been some cabinet confirmations, but I want to hold off on the cabinet for a bit. There is the threat to send troops to Mexico, but Mexico doesn’t seem to bothered by it, so neither am I. “Go nuclear”, Iran on notice, more on immigration… Maybe I’ll come back to them (the saber rattling with Iran is certainly worth talking about). There’s so much. It huge. Big league awfulness.

For 13, here is a quiet article from Reuters you may not have seen: Covering Trump the Reuters Way. The TL;DR is that Reuters has experience covering regimes that are hostile to a free press, and they intend to use that experience to cover the Trump regime.

Reuters, if you don’t know, is a news organization whose primary focus seems to be neutrality. They are aggressively neutral, to the point where they don’t use words like “terrorist” because they don’t like using value-laden words about people who blow up busses and buildings. I am almost surprised that they would even take notice of the hostile press climate at the White House. And yet, there it is.

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