The executive order to build a border wall. The border wall is awful. Only racists support it. That’s almost a tautology. Being prejudiced against someone because of their race is the definition of racist. Building a wall to keep out Mexicans surely counts as being prejudiced. If you were at my house, and you were like “Come on, let’s give the wall a chance!” I would kick you out immediately. The only question would be whether or not to also give you the smack upside the head that you deserve, you racist fuck!

Aside from being racist, it is also hideously expensive and useless unless patrolled. This makes it pretty unlikely that Congress will actually fund the wall, so perhaps the executive order is best seen as a racist symbol. And it’ll still be expensive — government feasibility studies on giant public works projects aren’t cheap, and there will, no doubt, be some small symbolic wall built. As a symbol it is still appalling.

I am reminded of Kennedy’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. I am reminded of the Berlin airlift. The Iron Curtain.. National walls have a history of being aggressively un-American. It’s the kind of thing our enemies build. Fuck everything about the executive order to build a border wall.

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