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President Trump has reorganized the National Security Council by elevating his chief strategist Steve Bannon and demoting the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Because decisions of national security should not be handled by competent professionals, but rather by political hacks. White supremacist political hacks.

From the article: Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice called the move “stone cold crazy.” In a [read more]


Do you like plane crashes? I don’t like plane crashes. A couple of my friends from college died in a commercial airline crash. This politico article talks about how Agencies interpret Trump regulatory freeze broadly, because of course they would. Among the interpretations is “the withdrawal of a rule about inspecting aircraft fuselages for cracks.” Which is not great. Also horses, jobs for military spouses, cancellation of sanctions against [read more]


The executive order to build a border wall. The border wall is awful. Only racists support it. That’s almost a tautology. Being prejudiced against someone because of their race is the definition of racist. Building a wall to keep out Mexicans surely counts as being prejudiced. If you were at my house, and you were like “Come on, let’s give the wall a chance!” I would kick you out [read more]


Here is a summary of some Trump executive orders. The abortion thing pisses me off, because I don’t hate women. I also don’t hate foreign women. (If you are all bent out of shape because I just implied that if you are anti-choice, you hate women, let me be direct: if you are anti-choice, you are anti-woman.)

TPP is not something I know enough about to have an [read more]