Trump’s ‘Great National Infrastructure Program’? Stalled


Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary

And here I thought he had no integrity at all. Just imagine how bad things have to be for Spicer, of all people, to resign in protest!



Trump team seeks to control, block Mueller’s Russia investigation


House Democrats want to know why a major Russian money-laundering case was abruptly settled


Vice chair of Trump’s voter fraud commission wants to change federal law to add new requirements for voting, email shows

I know this might seem like a good idea, but it’s not, at least if you value freedom of the sort that we have in the USA. Here’s why: Having proof of citizenship is not, generally speaking, a requirement of citizenship in the United States. That is, to say, you don’t have to have or carry ID, unless you are doing something like driving, because it’s a free country. Voting is a basic right of citizenship (unlike driving). Requiring ID for voting would be a change to the freedom to not have identification; it would be a fundamental change in the values of the USA.

IMO, that’s enough reason to resist such changes, but there is also a mountain of evidence dating back to the end of the civil war that places it beyond dispute that ID requirements are voter suppression, and that such voter suppression affects non-whites and poor people disproportionately. So voter ID laws are also racist. Simultaneously, there is no evidence that voter fraud is a real problem, so voter ID laws are unnecessary to counter voter fraud.


Trump: Repeal ObamaCare now, then ‘start from a clean slate’

Never mind that millions would lose health insurance and immediately suffer. Never mind all the people with pre-existing conditions.


White House unveils ‘Made in America’ week, though many Trump products are made overseas


Kushner pushed for more aggressive defense of Trump Jr. meeting



In memo, Trump administration weighs expanding the expedited deportation powers of DHS